Sighted guides

It doesn’t take long conversing with people with visual impairments that the number one need seems to be companions to guide them on errands. We are well aware of this need, and though those of us with sight in Light for the blind do what we can to help, the need is greater than us.  We pray for those that can be a true friend to the blind in Albania.

Sighted guiding is important on many levels.
  • Safety concerns: In a country, still trying to catch up to accessibility standards and safety standards, white canes have their limits and although they are good for fostering independence they cannot give the level of safety that comes with a sighted guide.
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Local Light for the Blind meetings

In some societies, people with disabilities are expected to stay home, out of sight.  Albania being a very hospitable culture is open to people with disabilities, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t prejudices among some people.  Recently a blind man told me he was yelled at by a stranger and told that he should stay at home.  With this attitude surfacing at times, the lack of sufficient financial assistance, and the continue lack of infrastructure for people with disabilities, it makes it hard for the visually impaired to get out and to feel a part of society.  Continue reading “Local Light for the Blind meetings”

2017 Summer camp in Erseka, Albania

Light for the Blind Albania has sponsored a camp for the visually impaired and their families and helpers for the past seven years.  It is a week of rest with a little respite from the hot Albanian summers of the cities to the milder temperatures of the higher altitude of Erseka in the far south of Albania.  Socializing is a top priority for participants through meals, games, discussions and just relaxing.  Spiritual evangelical messages and  discussions bring everyone’s thoughts to the more important things of life that are often forgotten in the bustle of everyday life.  We are thankful for pastor Ylli and his encouraging messages of Christ.
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White canes for Albania

White canes has been a point of independence for the visually impaired of the world.  Although the infrastructure of Albania still has a way to go, the need to get around is important for the physical and emotional welfare of the visually impaired.  It is surprising how one can get around some pretty difficult places with the aid of a white cane.  Continue reading “White canes for Albania”