2017 Summer camp in Erseka, Albania

Light for the Blind Albania has sponsored a camp for the visually impaired and their families and helpers for the past seven years.  It is a week of rest with a little respite from the hot Albanian summers of the cities to the milder temperatures of the higher altitude of Erseka in the far south of Albania.  Socializing is a top priority for participants through meals, games, discussions and just relaxing.  Spiritual evangelical messages and  discussions bring everyone’s thoughts to the more important things of life that are often forgotten in the bustle of everyday life.  We are thankful for pastor Ylli and his encouraging messages of Christ.

This year was a good success enjoyed by all.  We were glad to see new faces, as well as those we have attended in the past.  Throughout the year, there is follow-up meetings in the local groups in various cities.  We pray that the things learned in the summer will continue throughout the year for the glory of God.  We are grateful for the many people that make this camp possible.

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